Brand new single "I won`t change my mind" is available on all digital outlets

Remington super 60 was founded late 1998 by norwegian producer & songwriter Christoffer Schou, the band has had different members over the years (Magnus Abelsen, Benedicte Sveinsson, Elisabeth Thorsen among others). We have had many releases over the years on various indie labels around the world as well as being featured on numerous compilation albums. In 2017 we even got a tribute album made in our honour. Click the links below to listen to the albums on Soundcloud/Spotify. They are also available on other digital platforms.

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New EP - 2020
Cafe Superstar Recordings

Christmas EP 7"- 2019
Nordpolen musikkklubb


The Highway again - 2019


A winter song - 2018

Another Christmas song

Tribute to Rs60 - 2017


Indie pop for kids vol.1 - 2017

Winter EP - 2010

Download only click here


Go system Go - 2006

Happy as we were - 2004

Rs60 & friends in space CD/LP

Impractical guide to the opposite sex CD/LP 2001

Christmas in May - 2001

All the songs from pling 2001
S.H.A.D.O records

Cafe2001 in Japan EP

Not available but sometimes pops up at discogs for sale

Lost Kid 7"

Not available but sometimes pops up at discogs for sale